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If you are building a new car or want to improve your existing cars aero package, we can help you. 


From the unrestricted regulations of Time Attack to the extreme restrictions of FIA and even club level Prototypes, a written report of your car is the easiest way to find a design direction and unlock your cars potential.


Downforce, drag, aero balance and cooling efficiency are all assessed, click below to see examples and costs:





If Wind Tunnel testing is too expensive there is always the option of using the real world to improve aerodynamic efficiency and find a balance.


Usually as a follow on from one of our written reports, we apply chassis and bodywork modifications while also trialling bolt on components to provide a sure fire way of finding what unlocks the speed from your car on track.


Even after Wind Tunnel and CFD analysis we always like to complete our "Analysis Triangle" by seeing the actual lap time gains and analysing flows.


Track Testing is also the most effective way of proving cooling efficiency, click below to see examples and costs:





CFD is used for everything flow related, from internal cooling of battery systems (as seen on the 2014 Nissan Zeod RC) to complete bodywork designs as seen on Spire Sportscars RGB and Bikesports prototypes.   


We correlate our data with Track Testing, Wind Tunnel Testing and other, far more expensive, CFD packages and are confident in our design process to give you what you need at a competitive price,


Click below to see examples and costs:





Predominantly using the fixed floor wind tunnel at MIRA we have spent many years testing clients cars to improve their aerodynamic efficiency and overall balance. 


From drag reduction on a club level kit car to incremental downforce gains on FIA Prototypes, we pride oursleves on carrying over the correlation between CFD, Wind Tunnel and Track Testing to provide on track improvements.


To see examples and costs, click below: