"A Pessimist says the glass is half empty,

an Optimist says the glass is half full...

an Engineer says the glass is the wrong size..."

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Using the same equipment and skills used for Prototyping, we can offer full Reverse Engineering services to re-manufacture obsolete components or improve on the design of an OEM pattern part.


Usually beginning with a 3D Scan of the original component we can create a 3D CAD Model followed by Casting Molds or Machining Drawings that allow us to reproduce your component.


We can even add in original text and logos to give it that authentic look, click below to see examples and costs: 



3D CAD Modelling is at the core of our business. From Concept Visualisation through to Component Assemblies to check clearances, motion and allow structural (FEA) and Aerodynamic (CFD) Analysis.


From a 3D CAD Model we can supply 2D Machining Drawings, Assembly Instructions and 3D Surfaces for use with 3D Scanning or Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) to show deviations between design intent and final manufactured component. Click below for more information:




Otherwise known as Structural Analysis, FEA allows us to check hand calculations against the 3D Model while it is under operational loads.


Deflection, Shear Stress and Torsional Stress can all be analysed in components, such as a wishbone, through to complete chassis assemblies. This allows us to optimise the component be it for reduced weight or maximum strength. Heat Conduction, Radiation and Convection can also be analysed if required.


To find out more, click below: 



Even with the most complex of 3D CAD Modelled components, a 2D Technical Drawing is usually required for a machine operator to create the programme that allows a CNC machine to manufacture a part.


Created to the required industry standards our Technical Drawings include material specifications, measurements, tolerances, surface finishes and marking requirements to allow you the freedom of using your own independent machine shop to complete your component. Click below to see prices: