From £350.- (no VAT)


Why use FEA?


  • Check a component is strong enough to do the job
  • Highlight deformation in components
  • Locate likely areas of fatigue or fracture
  • Improve Strength to Weight Ratio of components
  • Check thermal conductivity across a component or assembly 


What have we used this on previously?


  • Sports Prototype wishbones and hubs
  • Gearbox pick up points on aluminium castings
  • Induction components for heat transfer with air flow
  • Saloon Car splitter design to check deformation at high speed 
  • Kit Car RoPs (Roll Cages) to prove safety margins in case of accident
  • Kart and Race Car Chassis to check Torsional Rigidity


What do we include in the cost? 


  • Onsite visit to scan or measure component if required
  • Post processing of point cloud data if required
  • Creation of surface or solid CAD models if required
  • FEA derived Stress, Deflection and Factor of Safety values
  • Full structural report with screenshots showing areas of concern/improvement 
  • Component Design and Analysis if required


How long does it take?


  • Scanning and generation of a CAD file is usually completed under two weeks depending on scanner availability
  • FEA and Report is usually generated between one and four weeks depending on complexity of components