Individual Parts from £350.- (no VAT)

Bodywork CAD for CFD c.£1950.- (no VAT)


Why use 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering?


  • Measure a component accurately and compare against original design intent
  • Create accurate CAD models of components required for CFD or FEA analysis
  • Accuractely re-manufacture components that are no longer available
  • Create accurate locating surfaces and features to guarantee new CAD components will fit properly
  • Scan existing components and manipulate their surfaces to create a stronger, lighter, more efficient re-manufactured version
  • Scan small objects and scale them up for use as large display items   


What have we used this on previously?


  • LMP, F1, F2 and Time Attack cars to generate accurate CFD models
  • Gearbox Casings, Cylinder Heads and Cam Covers for creation of new castings and molds
  • Induction components for creation of new castings and molds
  • Saloon car bodywork to accurately design and manufacture panels and aerodynamic devices
  • Kit Car Chassis to enable accurate CAD model generation for mass production


What do we include in the cost? 


  • Onsite visit to scan component
  • Post processing of point cloud data
  • Creation of surface or solid CAD models as required  
  • Component Design and Analysis if required


How long does it take?


  • Scanning and generation of a CAD file is usually completed under two weeks depending on scanner availability.
  • If Design is required, completion is likely to be four or more weeks depending on complexity and machine availability.