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Through our relationship with University of Derbys' Institute of Innovation and Sustainable Engineering (IISE) we have access to the industries leading 3D Printing facilities from Renishaw and Creat3d to name a few.  


Whether it is a one off plastic component to prove form and fit or a titanium final component with intricate internal detailing, we can produce it for you.


Our knowledge of build orientation, plate space optimisation, material properties and surface finishing is all part of the service.


3D Printed assemblies can also be used for display features, marketing samples and concept models. Click here for more information:





3D Scanning has become one of the most versatile tools in the design industry. The ability to scan a component and convert it to a useable surface that can be manipulated in CAD lends itself to Reverse Engineering of existing components, Measurement Inspection of new components and Model Generation for CFD and FEA analysis.


Whether you need an oil pump housing re-manufacturing for a vintage motorcycle or are looking at creating a complete carbon fibre bodywork for a Time Attack monster, we can use our knowledge of scanning and CAD modelling to create the desired end product.


Click here to find out more on 3D Scanning:     




Using our relationship with the University of Derbys' Institute for Innovation and Sustainable Engineering we can provide high quality precision components manufactured on a range of industry leading machines from DMG Mori.


From simple lathe work for bushes, pistons and disks to the complex geometry seen on turbine and water pump impellors that requires machining carried out by 5-axis CNC, we have it covered.


For large quantity production runs we have a range of local suppliers that can help produce your components and also offer 100% Final Part Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) as required. Click below for details:





Aluminium is the most common form of casting we see when Reverse Engineering a component. 


Predominantly used when creating batches of components with relatively complex geometry and internal voids, it guarantees the authentic OEM look while being cheaper than machining from billet or 3D Printing.


We can create 3D CAD models, Mold Patterns and Machining Drawings for your components while also offering structural and performance optimisation and post manufacture Non-Destructive Testing to ensure the casting is free of voids and inclusions.


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From Glass Fibre Reinforce Polymer (GFRP) body panels for trailer covers to Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) for MotoGP trackday replicas we can help get your project clothed properly.


Depending on class regulations, chassis dynamics and aerodynamics, CFRP bodywork may be the next logical step for your race vehicle. 


We can provide 3D CAD models, Machined Molds and Bucks and completed painted panels to your requirements either in-house or through our supply chain. Non-Destructive Testing and 100% Part Inspection is available depending on application. 


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